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New Program Under Way at GCAP with Industrial Partnership with Mayekawa from Japan

5 Natural Refrigerant being installed at GCAP

Left picture is a ammonia system using glycol as a secondary refrigerant in a ice rink.

Picture below in the Mayekawa Board of directors and the engineering team with the GCAP training team.

NEW approach to success in training seminars.

Ammonia and        Glycol system running a store  (Japan)

Roof top units with ammonia cooling dorms in Tokyo, Japan Side View on the ammonia A/C with water secondary cooling.   (Japan)

Pascal Air Unit by mycom, that will drop the temp down to -112 degrees F. using AIR REFRIGERANT Completely self contained package.  The dean of the college shows off the ammonia system      (Japan)

Pascal Air System

R & D research on Compressors

A new technology for ammonia wash cabinet to keep the ammonia from the atmosphere. 

The Newton 3000 that will be shipped to the United States for in house training for ammonia operators using Ammonia and Co2 system.  No shaft seals and it will operate at -50 degrees below zero. This could be used at Large Super Markets or cool storage warehouse.  Over 75 are installed and a back order of 35 units.  This unit will be the first in the United States, and we are very proud of the test results for the green.  This unit will save about 35% in energy over the old style Freon units. 

Ammonia Compressor the can be used for grocery stores with glycol secondary refrigeration system. This is being tested at Stockholm Sweden Royal University. 27% more efficient than R-22 refrigerant.

2010 Trans Critical CO2 Super Market or Grocery Store Unit In Stockholm Sweden.






May 7-9, 2009

Dear Randy Williams and Garden City Ammonia Program    

I would like to thank you for the sponsorship of Garden City Ammonia Program to the IIR Conference on Ammonia Refrigeration Technology held from 7 to 9 of May 2009 in Ohrid.
Even though the global economic crisis and flu epidemic the conference was very successful attended by 95 experts from 24 countries. Information are announced on more than 70 websites, many journals and newsletters.

The conference website now is redesigned and updated, you can find the final programme, list of participants and a photo gallery from the conference.

Thank you for your cooperation and look forward for your team to attend our next conference.

Best regards,
Risto Ciconkov
www.mf.edu.mk/web_ohrid2009/ohrid-2009.html  - Conference web site

Johnson Controls, GEA, BAC, MYCON, Evapco, LU-VE, and GCAP Major Sponsors



Keynote Speakers


Anders Lindborg, Sweden,
Ammonia Partnership AB
Honorary member of IIR Commission D1,
"Risk analysis in
ammonia refrigeration"

Predrag Hrnjak, USA,
University of Illinois
Secretary of IIR Commission E2,
IIAR Board of Directors,
"Charge minimization in small systems – opportunity for expanding use of ammonia
as refrigerant"

Andy Pearson, UK,
Star Refrigeration Ltd
Member of IIR Commission E1,
IIAR Board of Directors,
"Making the case for heat pumps
with Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide"

Nelson Mugabi, Japan,
Mayekawa Mfg Co.,Ltd.
"Ammonia semi-hermetic and
hermetic compressor packages"

Gert Koster, Netherlands,
Grasso International B.V.
GEA Group
Member of IIR Commission B2,
"Modernization of ammonia
refrigerating systems in view of
reliability, safety, energy consumption
and environmental issues"
Special guest:

Lambert Kuijpers, Netherlands,
Technical University Eindhoven
Co-chair UNEP TEAP /
Refrigeration Committee; IPCC AR4,
"2010-2020: a new decade of changes
in refrigeration and air conditioning"

Experts from well known companies

Alexander Pachai, Denmark,
Johnson Controls Denmark ApS
Business Development Manager,
"Ammonia safety by
design and maintenance"

Stefano Filippini, Italy,
LU-VE Group
R&D Manager,
"A new generation of
ammonia unit coolers"

Rob Vandenboer, Belgium,
Evapco Europe NV
Product Manager,
"Selecting evaporative condensers
for optimum system efficiency"


Design of modern ammonia systems and technological innovation
Current and future use of natural refrigerants; the Kyoto Protocol
Low charge NH3 technology, factory-made units, systems at a new level of quality improvement
Plate type heat exchangers; Direct expansion of ammonia systems
Expansion in applications with lower size capacity; Testing of components
Compatibility of ammonia and metals; Ammonia and (miscible) oils for small DX systems

Energy efficiency of ammonia refrigeration
Comparison: ammonia and fluorocarbon-based systems
Ammonia - indirect cooling compared with direct evaporation of HCFCs and HFCs
NH3/CO2 and other cascade systems

Applications of ammonia refrigeration
Cold stores, Agro-food industries, Supermarkets, Air-conditioning systems, Heat Pumps

Absorption machines

Ammonia systems in developing countries
Renewal and improvements, technical assistance

Technical and safety standards
Regulations on the construction and operation of ammonia refrigerating systems

Guidelines, instructions and training materials
Education and training for: best practices, operating procedures, handling of ammonia and safe operation

Public awareness of the image and benefits of natural refrigerants
Crucial and sustainable contributions to a better environment; Barriers to market penetration.


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