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System A – Two stage cutaway

  • Frick screw compressor (250HP) ammonia injection cooled high stage
  • Fuller compressor (100 HP) low stage
  • RVS recirculating vessel
  • RVS intercooler
  • VIKING ammonia recirculating pumps
  • COLMAC evaporative coil
  • HANSEN valves
  • Hot gas defrost system

System B - Single stage system using a turbo ice maker that is batch processing

  • Frick screw compressor (60HP)/Thermo-siphon cooled
  • RVS recirculating vessel
  • Cornell ammonia recirculating pumps
  • COLMAC evaporative coil
  • HANSEN valves
  • Evapco evaporative condenser with remote sump
  • TURBO ice maker
  • ALLEN BRADLEY MOTOR CONTROL CENTER (Stanion Wholesale Electric)

System C - Single stage  system operating at 12 psig, continuous sub-cooled flake ice

  • Vilter 442B (25 HP)
  • HOWE two Scotsman ice flakers
  • HASNSEN Valves
  • EVAPCO Coil evaporative condenser  

System E - Two stage system operating a "blast-cell." Unit operates at a -50 F ammonia temperature

  • FRICK low-stage screw compressor (100 HP) thermo-siphon oil cooling
  • FRICK high-stage screw compressor (100 HP) thermo-siphon oil cooling
  • RVS inter-cooler vessel
  • HANSEN valves, liquid level probes and level eyes
  • RVS recirculating receiver package
  • Buffalo ammonia recirculating pumps
  • HENRY view ports
  • EVAPCO evaporator
  • EVAPCO evaporative condenser
  • RVS high pressure receiver with internal thermo-siphon tank
  • PALMER fiberglass remote sump for the evaporative condenser
  • ROCKWELL AUTOMATION / ALLEN BRADLEY DIV. motor control center that includes frequency drives and supporting switch gear and control software
  • STANION WHOLESALE ELECTRIC electrical supplies and materials to wire the system
  • USPI oil filtering systems

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